Rumble's Quest

We’re excited to have recently launched a new major release of a data visualisation tool developed to revolutionising the measurement and support of child wellbeing. This project was developed specifically for RealWell, a not-for-profit initiative of Griffith University, in collaboration with the team at Invision.

We’re very honoured to have developed a number of tools for RealWell that advance child wellbeing using science to equip and enable those dedicated to the service of children and families.

This release has focused on a number of major improvements including integrating into the RealWell authentication platform, brand new tech stack using Laravel, Angular, Highcharts, Amazon Aurora & AWS for end to end, refactor of database structure, refactored backend reporting and calculation code, setup & configuration of AWS services, and lots of UX/UI improvements.

We’d like to share some of the key speed metrics compared from the old to the new platform:

30x faster: Average Page Load Speed Before Data Loads: New = 0.1s, Old = 3s
11x faster: Average Group Report Speed: New = 0.7s, Old = 7.5s
25x faster: Average “Manage Students” Load Speed (500 children): New = 0.4s, Old = 10s
40x faster: Average Student Responses Page Load Including Advanced Fuzzy Match Searching (500 children): New = 0.25s, Old (No fuzzy match) = 5s

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